Re: fossil foot bones

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Sat, 14 Oct 95 15:42:30 CDT

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>Alex Duncan <> writes:
>distance. If we didn't see chimps but only their bones should
>we have assumed that they never left the trees? Well, since
>we were told that they spend 90% of their time on the ground
>even with their "grasping feet", how much of their time
>did they spend on the ground when they only had "significant
>climbing ability"? HOw much more would it have been if
>they only had "very large climbing capability"? How about
Nobody gave me a percentage of how much time chimpanzees spend on the ground
but I will take your word for the 90% figure. However, it is misleading not
to include the fact that most of the time when they are 'walking' they are not
walking bipedally.