Re: Aquatic ape theory

Phillip Bigelow (
2 Oct 1995 12:44:51 -0700

Magnus Sterky <> writes:

>Why on earth would an intelligent ape-like creature select the inland site for living, threatend
>by all sorts of beasts, chasing other animals, most of which were lightning fast, when he
>could spend his days in joyful laziness at the waterside, now and then picking some seashells
>and nuts from the trees?

Sounds very Haite-Ashbury-esque. :-) Peace, Brother...

A correction and a comment.
First, you use the phrase "intelligent ape-like creature", when in fact the
proponents of the AAT postulate that large brain-capacity is a *consequence*
of becomming other words, our large brains evolved *after* we
purportedly entered the water.

Second, your idea of a shore-dwelling hominid isn't the AAT in the first
place. The way you have described your scenario, all you have is a fully
terrestrial hominid that hangs around the shoreline. In wich case, you have
just developed a new theory for hominids: the Terrestial-shoreline Theory

Thirdly, you describe this hypothetical scenario as "joyful laziness". I
can assure you that where ever biological complacency occurs in the geologic
record, evolution will deal with it quickly and decisively. *No* living
thing ever has it easy (or even relatively easy).