Re: AAT Theory

J. Moore (
Mon, 2 Oct 95 15:48:00 -0500

HMH> is that measurements in paleontology fall far short of what
HMH> is needed. Simple measurements of bone thickness and length
HMH> are not enough. They don't even scratch the surface. We are
HMH> mostly interested in shapes and relative sizes and proportions.
HMH> Lacking all this, the whole thing is still verbal. If I were really
HMH> cynical, I'd say pre-scientific, but I know how complex it is thus it
HMH> would be unfair to make that claim.
HMH> Regards, Mark

The above is rather laughable coming as it does from someone whose
posts consist of unsupported claims, such as your recent, repeated,
and completely unsupported claims regarding the hydrodynamics of
hairless versus hairy skins. I trust you've read the facts on
that by now.

Jim Moore (

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