Re: Breast Cancer Increases: ...(response to Phillip Bigelow)

Laurie Davison (
21 Nov 1996 21:07:15 GMT

Dr. Howard,
Perhaps the difficulty we're having in understanding your theory is in
your presentation? You've mentioned "your work" several times without
stating precisely what that work was. Also, although you may, in fact be
correct in your theory (who knows? We can't rule it out), you also cannot
rule out many many other possibilities. For example, decreases in DHEA
would not affect "solely" testosterone. Therefore, you cannot really say
without controlled studies that this is in fact what's going on.
Also - and this comes from too many years of people hammering "good
writing style" into my brain, you do not state your theory clearly enough
for me to be able to understand it.
I'm still curious about this. Have you, in fact, studied this in mice?
Rats? Monkeys...? Seriously - I'd like to know.

Laurie Davison