Re: Breast Cancer Increases: ...(response to Phillip Bigelow)

Phillip Bigelow (
Thu, 21 Nov 1996 18:17:07 -0800

James Howard wrote:
> I clearly state that I
> sent my "hypothesis" to JAMA; Mr. Bigelow changes this to "research draft."

Let me quote what you wrote in another post on this subject:

"I sent my hypothesis for high testosterone and low DHEA to...."

That quote can be read two different ways. I gave you the benefit of
the doubt, and assumed that you had done rigorous research on this,
and had submitted a full-blown research paper (e.g., regarding
your purported "work"), at the end of which, you proposed your
hypothesis. I did not even *entertain* the prosaic consideration of
the possibility that you had written a simple letter in which
you had only *speculated* on such correlations. If I offended you,
or I unfairly criticized your attitude toward your "work" on this
subject (whatever that "work" still haven't provided us
with your data and methods) in any way, then I am sorry.
However, there is a great gap in significance between a
research paper and a letter to the editor. I am sure
that you would agree with me on this. The other authors who later
published full research papers complete with correlation
statistics deserve full credit for their ideas. Frankly, from your
previous post, you sounded as though the later workers had somehow
given you a bad case of "sour grapes".
That is my opinion only.

> "Re: Breast Cancer Increases in the U.S.

James' interesting letter to JAMA, with a lot of "I suggest"'s in the
text, is deleted for brevity.