Re: whale brains

Phillip Bigelow (
22 Nov 1995 11:35:25 -0800 (H. M. Hubey) writes (responding to previous

>Chances are you've never done or understood any science at all
>except third hand, via the writings of some second hander.

This is the modus operandi that Elaine Morgan uses when she writes her
books. As bizarre as it sounds, I find myself agreeing with you on this
(wow, what are the chances??). It IS dangerous to "do" science using only a
library as your tool.
None-the-less, numerous review-papers of unsurpassed quality have been
written over the years that do just that. The best review-type papers are
best because they stay objective. Trying to "drag" data out of someone
elses work, if the data really isn't there to begin with (ala Morgan's
technique), is the worst way to "do" science. In fact, I would argue that
it isn't science at all.