Re: The UCL meeting, and PV Tobias" apology" to Morgan...

Phillip Bigelow (
22 Nov 1995 11:47:37 -0800

cc3265@CNSVAX.ALBANY.EDU writes:

>In article <>, Ralph L Holloway <> writes:
>>Perhaps Phillip believes AAT has provided some mighty service in the
>>cause of paleontological science, but he sure in hell doesn't speak for
>>me, when he claims to apologise for all his colleagues. responded:
>I saw Dr. Morgan's post on this, but it was (and is) unclear to me why
>this apology was issued. Was he saying there is now supporting evidence
>for AAT or just that there is more uncertainty now about the true scenario,
>so no theory should be dismissed, or what? It would be more helpful to
>have a transcript of Tobias' words than an excerpt from someone's personal

I wouldn't lose too much sleep over Elaine's post. She is basicly
"spin-doctoring" her image.
As far as we know, Morgan's name never came up during the meeting. As far
as we know, the "apology" wasn't an apology directed at anyone.
You'll never see a transcript of question-and-answer sessions after a
technical talk. So we are getting a manufactured "history", courtesy of
Elaine. I would love to have Tobias log on and tell his side of it. As
well as Wheeler comming on board and doing the same.