Re: Sasquatch, Yeti....don't laugh yet....

David Bittner (
17 Nov 1995 17:17:04 GMT

Scott McNabb ( wrote:
: I simply want a few opinions, I am sorry if this isn't what is normally
: to be considered in this group. But......
: 1.) What are the possibilities that there IS a currently unknown animal
: as large as the supposed bigfoot?
: 2.) If one were to theroize what a bigfoot was; what is it?
: 3.) Short of capturing one, what will it take to prove its existance?
: Thank You in advance.....

Check out the book "Big Footprints" by Grover Krantz (I may have
misspelled that last name). It goes into all of these issues, and
takes a much more scientific approach to the Bigfoot issue than other
books I have seen.

He seems to think that it is possible, given the vastness of the
wilderness out there, and the nature and long history of sightings
of this notorious creature. There is a good deal of compelling
evidence, such as footprints with dermal ridges, but until someone
brings one in, dead or alive, it will always be a hot subject for

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