Anyone want to dig instead of argue?

Nicholas Rosen (
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 16:39:50 EST

I'd like to remind old hands on this group, and inform new ones, that
I am committed to contribute $50 to any qualified paleoanthropologist
who will go and look for aquatic ape fossils in the Danakil Alps.
I know that isn't much, but it may help supplement a bigger grant.
Now that Eritrea has a stable government, I'd think someone would try
looking there. If you find any five million year old australopithecine
fossils, very good; if you find any shell middens dating to that time,
also interesting; if you get purely negative results, well, that often
happens in science. Even if there are no australopithecine fossils to
be found, a paleontologist might well find something, and be able to
right a paper on some aspect of geology or biology.

If anyone knows of anyone digging there, could you please pass word
to me?

Nicholas Rosen
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