Re: Sasquatch, Yeti....don't laugh yet....

Julian Treadwell (
19 Nov 1995 17:17:24 GMT

Alex Duncan <> wrote:
>The idea that a large bodied primate could exist above the tree line in
>the Himalaya is ridiculous.
You're probably right, but how about *below* the treeline? The reason I
ask is that I recall a documentary series a few years back narrated by
Arthur C Clarke (a man for whose opinions I have some respect) in which
he explored some of the popular "mysteries" of the late 20th century -
UFO's, crop circles, Stonehenge, the Loch Ness monster etc and also the
yeti. He claimed that a sample of hair found in the forests of North
China (the foothills of the Himalayas, I think) had been positively
identified by an American university as coming from a large, hitherto
unknown primate. He also said (at the end of the series) that the yeti
was the only one of the mysteries which he personally believed had some
basis in fact. Wish I could remember the name of the series, but anyway,
I was wondering if anyone had heard anything subsequently about this hair