Re: Anyone want to dig instead of argue?

Phillip Bigelow (
18 Nov 1995 08:17:32 -0800 (Nicholas Rosen) writes:

>I'd like to remind old hands on this group, and inform new ones, that
>I am committed to contribute $50 to any qualified paleoanthropologist
>who will go and look for aquatic ape fossils in the Danakil Alps.

You may get more takers if you re-phrase your offer. Leave out the phrase
"look for aquatic ape fossils", and instead use "look for fossil hominids."
Otherwise, your offer would have an ominous tone of "hey, let's go look for
Noah's Arc". And I don't think anyone wants it to get that amatuer-ish.
There are hominid researchers, all of whom are not supporters of AAT, who
undoubtably will be searching in the Danakil region. In fairness, I would
hope that your offer would go to them as well.