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>>He doesn't and his statement has no more validity than yours (aside
>>from the fact -- and I could very well be wrong about this -- salmon
>>is found only in North America.

>Yes, you are, sorry. We have salmon in Europe too, they're classified in a
>different genus but I'm not sure why (actually they're in Salmo with all the trout, the Atlantic
>salmon is Salmo salar. Pacific salmon are Onchorhyncus spp.) But genera are
>funny things anyway and best not taken too seriously... Life cycles of
>Pacific and Atlantic salmon are pretty much the same. The main difference in
>my experience is in the availability of wild caught fish for the table...
>farmed Scottish salmon is no match for a fresh caught chinook from the Pike
>Place Market in Seattle.... but this is hardly a basis for a


Well, you learn something new everyday. However, my original point
stands. The existence of a resource does not mean that Neandertals
exploited the resource. I am not saying they didn't and I think it
is very likely they did BUT until we have some actually evidence we
can't do more than that.

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