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Wed, 15 Nov 1995 13:54:41

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>He doesn't and his statement has no more validity than yours (aside
>from the fact -- and I could very well be wrong about this -- salmon
>is found only in North America.

Yes, you are, sorry. We have salmon in Europe too, they're classified in a
different genus but I'm not sure why (actually they're in Salmo with all the trout, the Atlantic
salmon is Salmo salar. Pacific salmon are Onchorhyncus spp.) But genera are
funny things anyway and best not taken too seriously... Life cycles of
Pacific and Atlantic salmon are pretty much the same. The main difference in
my experience is in the availability of wild caught fish for the table...
farmed Scottish salmon is no match for a fresh caught chinook from the Pike
Place Market in Seattle.... but this is hardly a basis for a


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