Re: Sasquatch, Yeti....don't laugh yet....

Alex Duncan (
16 Nov 1995 13:50:44 GMT

In article <48ehlv$> Scott McNabb,

>1.) What are the possibilities that there IS a currently unknown animal
>as large as the supposed bigfoot?

The idea that a large bodied primate could exist above the tree line in
the Himalaya is ridiculous.

It is less ridiculous that it might survive in the Pacific NW -- however,
to have remained undiscovered it would have to exist at extremely low
population densities. At such low densities -- given large-bodied primate
reproductive capacities -- it would almost certainly quickly go extinct.
In other words, if it ever existed, it's probably gone or nearly gone by

>2.) If one were to theroize what a bigfoot was; what is it?

Some have suggested that bigfoot might be relict populations of
Gigantopithecus (which is otherwise thought to have gone extinct about
500,000 yrs. ago).

>3.) Short of capturing one, what will it take to prove its existance?

A skeleton or a hide would do nicely, or even a tooth.

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