about that ref, please

J. Moore (j#d#.moore@canrem.com)
Thu, 9 Nov 95 18:32:00 -0500

I recently got an (working) Internet account so I was able to
search the archives for some posts that didn't get through to my
usual account. In it I found that Elaine Morgan had actually
replied to my question about aquatic mammalian eccrine sweating.
Now, in keeping with her promise to provide refs when asked, I'm
asking for a ref for the statement that the harp seal uses eccrine

JM > Tell me, what aquatic animal uses eccrine sweating?
> The harp seal.
> Elaine

I know this can't be easy, as Tom Clarke has recently pointed out
that you do all your writing and online posting with an antique
manual typewriter (surprised me, too! ;-), but I'd like to see it.

I'd also like to see any and all refs for your other statements,
which you treated as a joke. Any installments at all will be
appreciated; e-mailed to my account would be fine.

Jim Moore (j#d#.moore@canrem.com)

> (J. Moore) writes:
> El> you could have asked me for the page
> El> references. It would have saved you a lot of time.
JM> I didn't know it was an option: please post all the complete
JM> references to all the statements in all your books. Thank you.
>Nice one!

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