Re: about that ref, please

10 Nov 1995 02:27:33 GMT

J. Moore ( sez:

` > (J. Moore) writes:
` > El> you could have asked me for the page
` > El> references. It would have saved you a lot of time.
` >
` JM> I didn't know it was an option: please post all the complete
` JM> references to all the statements in all your books. Thank you.
` >
Y'know, Jim, when I first saw this, I almost posted a scathing
comment about how you could be such a little snot, making a
comment like that. But I didn't send it, cuz I thought I should
give you the benefit of the doubt that you intended it as
humour. If you're bringing it up again seriously, I can only
say you seem to have no conception of what's reasonable in
this regard.

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