Re: Notice: RFD sci.philosophy.natural Moderated

Patrick Shepard (
9 Nov 1995 22:13:04 GMT

In article <47osjg$>, says...
>KMO ( wrote:
>: The purpose of this newsgroup is to provide an outlet for people who
>: should have left grad school a long time ago. It's a place to flex
>: one's vocabulary and make people outside one's oh so narrow area of
>: expertise thing that you're one smart cookie. What's more you can
>: fritter away precious hours on the internet under the ruberic of "thesis
>: research." I'm being somewhat cynical here, but there's a ring
>: sincerity to my satire. -KMO
>Some would say this description could fit any Usenet group:-)

I don't know - I doubt if that many people flex their vocabulary and expertise
all to much in* Not that they aren't flexing,
well, I'll leave that alone.

(Else I might go blind)