Re: fat dogs

Tom Clarke (
7 Nov 1995 09:35:17 -0500

Alex Duncan <> writes:

>In article <> Troy Kelley,
> writes:

>>The fat dog just seemed to be more massive

>You never leave the house, do you? I have seen many dogs on whom you
>could pinch way more than an inch. If you have not, then I suggest you
>have a very limited experience with dogs.

Oh lordy, now I'm going to have to find me a fat dog.
My cat isn't that fat and my neighbors dogs are these little
tiny things ... When I find a fat dog, where is the best
place to pinch?

Serious question though. When you pinch an inch on a dog
is is like on your thigh where there is a monolithic layer that
is being pinched, or is there a loose surface layer under which
there is the thicker fat layer.

The impression (possibly mistaken of course) that I have gotten
from the AAT books is that for a dog it will be the later.
The thin skin will be detached from the fat layer.

By the way, Jeff Smith on the Frugal Gourmet this weekend was
cooking pork Italian style with skin-on. Good shots of the
monolithic skin-fat-meat. When cooked the skin-fat became
crunchy - instant coronary probably.

Tom Clarke

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