Re: Aquatic eccrine sweating ref request, was Re: tears

Phillip Bigelow (
6 Nov 1995 17:17:07 -0800 (J. Moore) wrote:
>>Perhaps you could be so kind as to provide a reference for the
>>notion that harp seals, or any other aquatic mammal, use eccrine
>>sweating. I've asked Morgan for this but it's been several weeks
>>now and she hasn't seen fit to reply or supply (a ref). responded:
>Perhaps you should ask her for this single reference politely, instead of
>asking her to give references for every single claim she's ever made,
>overnight. It ain't fair to ask an obviously sarcastic question and then
>expect to get away with slagging someone off for not taking you

Actually, since Ms. Morgan is, theoretically, at least, the "resident
expert" on the AAT, it is reasonble of Jim to make the challenge to her.
Remember that MORGAN is the one who *should* have her facts straight. We
are just holding her to a reasonable expectation. We certainly wouldn't
hold amatuers like Troy Kelley or Mark Hubbey to such rigorous