Re: fat dogs

Alex Duncan (
8 Nov 1995 00:33:52 GMT

In article <47nqr5$> Tom Clarke, writes:

>Oh lordy, now I'm going to have to find me a fat dog.
>My cat isn't that fat and my neighbors dogs are these little
>tiny things ... When I find a fat dog, where is the best
>place to pinch?

On a really fat dog, just about anywhere on the back will work. In my
experience, reasonably small dogs that are pretty broad to start with
(e.g. bull dogs) tend to pork up nicely.

>Serious question though. When you pinch an inch on a dog
>is is like on your thigh where there is a monolithic layer that
>is being pinched, or is there a loose surface layer under which
>there is the thicker fat layer.

I suspect it varies from breed to breed. In all the dogs I recall
noticing the fat on, the fat seemed to be firmly attached to the skin.
In other words, it seemed as if I was pinching very thick skin. It
wouldn't surprise me too much to find out that things were different for
a breed like a sharpei (sp?). But, then again, I don't know too much
about subcutaneous fat.

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