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>Please explain the purpose of this newsgroup a little more completely.
> "Anyone can see that it's turtles the whole way down!"

It is difficult to explain anything to anone that does not have a
mystical experience. So if you are interested in this news group. Let me
give you some glimpses of this Newsgroup. Enclose from my BBS I have copy
a file that will give you some idea of the subjects this newsgroup
covvers. If your interetested you can log on to my BBS at 1-310-1910 in
the evening after 5.P.M. Pacific time.

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It is needed for several reasons, especial with the first issue. Many persons
who have not known of our previous course "KNOW THYSELF. We did the lessons
and techniques on an audio stereo tape. Since we have purchase a CD Rom for
the commuter with a recording feature, we will be able to record many of the
previous tapes of intergrating images and sounds as soon as possible.

I am swamped with rewriting the update material before proceeding with the
audio and pictures. [See file BBSINTRO] Enclose below is some information
about the previous courses for those who are not acquainted with our work.
Today the teaching is being prepared for a home study guide with written
scripts to be recorded in your own voice by downloading text files that is in
the Intermediate Course in the event the individual who is interested in what
we have to offer to be studied at home. There is a thirty six dollars member-
ship fee to cover the cost of operating the bulletin board being online
twenty four hours.


The word mysticism originally derived from Ancient Greece. Today, there is a
wide range of meaning in today's religion and philosophical literature. Mysti-
cism and Mythology are synonymous under the Ancient Greek Philosophy. However,
before any sciences existed, the beginnings of the our world and society were
explained by mythology. The word myth is often misunderstood to mean fiction
something that never happened, a made-up story or fanciful tale.

The origin of the universe can be explained by modern astronomers and astro-
physicists, while archaeologists and historians try to clarify the origin of
human societies. Mircea Eliade, a historian of religions, stated: "Myths tell
only of that which really happened." This does not mean that myths correctly
explain what literally happened. It does suggest, that behind the explanation
there is a reality that cannot be seen and examined". Excerpted from Compton's
Interactive Encyclopedia.

Studying the Divine Knowledge is a science as taught by the mystics of anti-
quity. Today, there are many views from mystical authors. It is important to
know where and how they have obtained their knowledge. Reading of the writings
of mystical dissertation depends if the author had experienced spiritual enti-
ties. A true mystic is one who is clairvoyantly and telepathically, and a
connection of spiritual and ethereal entities in our solar system of which our
physical universe is but a gross material framework. They have direct knowled-
ge of many inhabitants and are intimately united with them by means of know-
ing how to invoke the Spiritual Hierarchy and their appearance in ethereal
form. Beware of those who claim have talk to the Divine Spirits. There are
many who claim to have contact the dead human spirits but they have not con-
tacted the Spiritual Hierarchy, If they did let them give a technique as how
he or she have done it.

The ancient prophets and mystics have always taught that the Divine Supreme
Spirit can be contacted by commanding oneself into an intuitive state. The
pragmatic ancient philosophers have taught this also. Their reasoning was:
If there are spirits within, in which we live, move and have our existence;
spirits must be inherent; then logically spirits must be our true essence of
our life and be discovered within, All self realized mystics and philosophers
have experimented with the evoking of the spirits within, and have stated
"At the nucleus of one's psyche is, the very cause of consciousness; that is
connected to the absolute consciousness that is Life and we are given life to
activate our human existence.

The Absolute is different from anything else and cannot be described in terms
applicable when it is under examination under ordinary circumstances. There-
fore intellectually it can be defined as "I," or those who have had an mysti-
cal experience and are skeptical many have concluded I don't know and must
find out what is God and they are labeled agnostic. The agnostic way is a pra-
ctical scientific method as taught by the ancients and should be embrace as
the scientific way.


The basic and most important starting subject is the art of Meditation. This
is essential and will be an ongoing subject, because most people do not know
how to meditate the ancient way and the dangers involved. Meditations or
thinking does activate images, memories and experiences from their past that
are either dormant or active. All persons have a negative aspects of their
behavior and do not know how to remove it. Therefore the practice of medita-
tion is on going process and shall be assigned by the Preceptor according to
the candidate's problems to resolve their present dilemma.

The Preceptor of Order Of Mysticism [OOM] shall provide workshops, seminars,
conferences, chats, workshops files on requests from the students. Below is a
list of subjects available:
a. Study of all states of consciousness
b. Study of light, color and sound to heal.
c. Study of the laws of union with the Divine.
d. Study of the laws of life and their application
e. Study of the etherial substance.
f. Study of astronomy and astrology.
g. Study of the Spiritual Hierarchy.
h. Study of telepathy.
i. Study of the laws of sex.
j. Study of the Psychical process.
k. Study of the Mediumship process .
l. History of humanity and its evolution.
m. Study of magic.
n. Study of Transpersonal Psychology.
o. Exploring the Astral plane
p. Exploring the Mental plane
q. Exploring the Intelligence factors
r. Exploring the Imagination the creative faculty
s. Exploring the Souls
t. Exploring the Intuition
u. Exploring the Will

The above information is difficult to find unless they are in contact with a
mystical school that has the knowledge they are seeking. Most knowledge is
either distorted or not available. There must be a Preceptor who has the know-
ledge and teach the different meditation techniques that are needed for growth
and self improvement.

Whenever the student desires to enter the intermediate files they can request
from the the Preceptor they would like to have access to the Intermediate files
and can be trained to Know Thyself. There is a donation to the Institute of
Self Direction to help to pay the expenses of keeping the ISDBBS open 24 hrs.