Re: Notice: RFD sci.philosophy.natural Moderated

Will Wagers (
6 Nov 1995 23:45:53 GMT

*No. 1* Please move this discussion to news.groups where it belongs.

*No. 2* Please remove the cross-postings from the "Post To:" field.

*No. 3* The following individual is mistaken about sci.philosophy.natural:


>It is difficult to explain anything to anone that does not have a
>mystical experience. So if you are interested in this news group. Let me
>give you some glimpses of this Newsgroup. Enclose from my BBS I have copy
>a file that will give you some idea of the subjects this newsgroup

This individual does not speak for sci.philosophy.natural. In fact, he is not
known to me.

sci.philosophy.natural is *not* about mysticism. "Natural Philosophy" is an
archaic term for science. sci.philosophy.natural is about the ancient science
which forms the backdrop of mythology, philosophy, and religion - the world
views which affected concepts in those fields.

The term "ancient science" means what it says: it does not imply lost
knowledge, secret knowledge of the ancients, or mystical knowledge.

A FAQ will appear in news.groups with details about sci.philosophy.natural.