Re: More on British hominid fossil

Stanley Friesen (
Thu, 26 May 1994 04:49:50 GMT

In article <2rghvc$>, Pete Vincent <VINCENT@ERICH> wrote:
>`... The newspaper account I read said it was closely
>`related to Homo Hiedelburgis, as I've never heard ogf Heidelburgis,I suspect
>`a case of journalistic confusion. Sorry I don't know anymore, ...

Just a minor spelling error. The name should be H. heidelbergensis.
^ ^^^^^
It is the name given to what older literature tends to call
"archaic Homo sapiens", which at least some people are now
treating as a seperate species (for what I consider to be good
reasons). [The older literature also sometimes treats the
taxon as a subspecies - Homo sapiens heidelbergensis or
H. erectus heidelbergensis depending on biases].

This series of forms is known to be ancestral to the neanderthals,
and is presumed to be the ancestors of modern humans (Homo
sapiens in the strict sense).


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