Re: Early diets

Stanley Friesen (
Thu, 26 May 1994 04:31:29 GMT

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J. Moore <> wrote:
>they been "naturally" vegetarian. We're omnivorous, and "naturally"
>rather opportunistic about it. The other dumb mistake (or perhaps
>deliberate falsification) is the claim that our digestive system is much
>like a cow's, which is a highly adapted system with a mighty weird

I can say quite cerainly, our digestive system is not like that
of a cow. In fact is is similar to *neither* a cow *nor* a lion.

Guess what? In many respects our digestive system is intermediate
between that of a true carnivore and that of a proper herbivore.
One of the best indicators is the length of the intestines.
Herbivores have *long* intestines, carnivores have *short*
intestines. Humans have intermediate intestines (adjusted for body

We are one of the most opportunistic, 'eat-anything' feeders
in the animal kingdom.


May the peace of God be with you.