Re: Aquatic Ape: You Asked For It.

Doug Dyer (
9 May 94 16:02:25 -0400

OK... I'm gonna stick my neck out here.

>>>Floating infants
>>>> Infants tend to drown easily.
>>> Only because they are not raised in an aquatic environment. Infants
>>> in such an environment can swim *before* they can walk.
>>> Babies can and do float. This is an indisputable fact. I've seen
>>> it with my own eyes. How is this a savannah adaptation. *so* simple.
>>I dispute this fact. Provide scientific evidence to support it.
>>Please not that I am not disputing the possiblity that infants can
>>learn to float. I am disputing that they will do so without the
>>assistance of an adult.
> How do you teach a baby to float? Put them in the water, they float.
> If they don't you're out of luck.

Infants can swim and QUITE well. There was a documentary (NOVA?) titled
"water babies". They drop them in a pool and these guys zip around. It was
quite strange to watch. BTW, NOVA also did one on the aquatic ape a long time ago
(just airing out the hypothesis, showing other ideas as well). I believe
that one also showed footage of the swimming infants.

I hope someone can find and summarize these documentaries for us.

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