J. Boyd Bruce III (
Tue, 24 May 1994 13:15:15 GMT

Patrick H. Adkins ( wrote:
: I recall reading some years ago that evidence of cannibalism was
: associated with H. erecti finds: the enlargement of the opening
: where the neck joins the skull, to allow access to the brain.

: Can anyone tell me what the present tihnking is on this topic?
: Is this evidence still considered valid?

Last I herd, this was still quite valid. I am a heretic though, because I
still beleive cannibalism was in part responsible for the unnatural
evolution of the species. I'll now get flamed by some young
whippersnapper who's professor is politically correctly informing his
students that for no good reason, man climbed out of the safety of the
trees to wander the savannah just because he could see over tall grasses.
There, I did it myself, so don't bother. BTW, cannibalism has been
associated with every transitional culture: Hunter/gatherer to
Pastural/Agrocultural. The rise of civilization seems to follow the rise
of cannibalism. IMHO, eat a a city. Aint organized religion

: Thanks in advance for any information you can offer.
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