Re: Is Humanity Inherently Violent?

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> > I would like to pose a question to this newsgroup...
> > Is humankind inherently non-violent and/or non-agressive?
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> You're reviving the old argument between Lewis Leakey and
> Raymond Dart about the origins of man's social behaviour!
> I think that's a lot more promising as a subject than AAH.
> Richard Leakey's "People of the Lake" (about his studies
> of the site at lake Turkana) argues that cooperation as
> a human ethic MUST antedate competition. Let's hear more..

Why must cooperation or competition antedate each other at all? Eg, which
came first: heart or liver? Surely traits can codevelop, as can behavioural
patterns. In fact, I strongly suspect that the axis compete<-->cooperate
represents a possibility space for a mixed strategy population, so that
cooperation and competition will coexist anyway. Why must humans "be"
violent or non-violent, any moer than they must "be" carnivores or

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