Re: Is Humanity Inherently Violent?

Greg Erwin (ai815@FreeNet.Carleton.CA)
Sun, 15 May 1994 11:03:41 GMT

In a previous article, (Camilla Cracchiolo) says:

>John Wilkins, Manager, Publishing ( wrote:
>: > You're reviving the old argument between Lewis Leakey and
>: > Raymond Dart about the origins of man's social behaviour!
>A more useful question would be: what conditions foster cooperation
>and peacemaking among humans, and which conditions foster competition,
>particularly violent competition and warfare? Also, which
>conditions foster high degrees of hierarchy and which low degrees?
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Someday, when I have the long distance money, I will have to call.

Anyway, does it not seem that, where there exists an abundance of
resources, people find reasons to cooperate in order to exploit these
resources better, and where resources become scarce, people fight to make
sure that they, and their group, get theirs first?

Because societies create culture and culture transmits memory, past
"wrongs" can be transmitted to times of prosperity, but in general, I
think that the correlation is quite strong and quite direct.

Of course, this would apply to perceived prosperity, and not necessarily
to actual levels of distribution.

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