Re: FAQ material (was: Professor's address)

James Treleaven (
11 May 1994 17:11:37 GMT

Aaron M. Rosenberg ( wrote:
: In article <2qoab0$9su@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM>
: claird@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (Cameron Laird) writes:

: > Why don't more USA-resident academics know this? 'Beats
: > me; it strikes me as fundamental knowledge. Mr. Lehv,
: > there's something wrong if you're paying Ivy League
: > tuition, and you're not in contact with a reference
: > librarian, professor, or even teaching assistant there
: > at Columbia who can advise you on these matters.

: Frankly, Mr. Laird, we all believe that there is something wrong with
: "ivy-league" tuition, these days. As a student with more than his
: share of loans, I believe that a simple recommendation for an appendage
: to the FAQ was sufficient.

: It most certainly was not necessary for the excessive commentary on the
: faults of being an physical anthropology undergraduate with a small
: faculty. As it was never a matter of issue, a simple reply to the
: question would have been acceptable.

Cameron's posts are always constructive, and he is one of the most
concise people on the net. I don't think your criticism is warranted.

James Treleaven
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