Re: Aquatic Ape All Wet

5121 Student 09 (
1 May 1994 07:24:54 -0400

>What Mr. Moore was suggesting is that before you spin evolutionary
>yarns it is really a good idea to have some basic understanding of
>evolutionary theory. One of the things you learn when you study
>evolution is that not everything has an adaptionist explanation.
>Your coccyx, for example, is the remains of a tail that you had in

Suprisingly enough, I did understand what he was suggesting. What
>I< am suggesting is that is seems very convenient to me that
anything that does not fit the savannah theory happened because
_not everything has an adaptionist explanation_. But everything
that doesn't fit the AAT is pure _hogwash_.

>Your response in the first line was to my pointing out that humans
>have flat faces compared to apes. Why do I have to show that flat
>faces are adaptive for that point to be valid?

Which point? That faces are flat - sure that's valid.
But you don't >have< to do anything. I'm just curious. Why
do we have flat faces? If you don't know, how about just saying,
_I don't know_, and leave it at that?

My [flat faced] 2 cents.
David Greene