Re: Mistaken post

Sat, 30 Apr 94 13:25:52 GMT

In article <2pq3q4$> (5121 Student 09) writes:

>First you say you're not going to post anything else about AAT.
>Now you're posting 2 or 3 per day.

What can I say. Your posts convinced me to change my mind.

>First you say _there is no savannah theory of hominid evolution_.
>Now you're posting supportive argument for it.

There is no "savannah theory." There are numerous hypotheses
about the evolution of bipedalism that I think are interesting.
Most of them involve the savannah. One does not. Since we know
that by 4 million years ago hominids were living on the savannah
any explanation or interpretation of human evolution must
incorporate savannah life. Even Morgan admits this.

As you yourself have pointed out, I have not posted, nor have I
defended a particular scenerio. I have posted repeated criticisms
of Morgan's Aquatic Ape "Theory" and your somewhat watered down
version of it because, unlike some of the other scenerios I have
mentioned, it is entirely speculative, encourages folks to remain
ignorant of a truely scientific approach to human origins and
demonstrates no connection with evolutionary biology.

>First you post a whiney, pathetic, flame-bait of a post.
>Now you want everyone to ignore it.

As I explained, I wrote the post, realized it was inappropriate and
tried to cancel it. I made a mistake. If that is not a sufficient
explanation for you, then there is nothing more I can offer.

>I think you're in serious need of a vacation.

Find a graduate student at this time of year who is not in serious
need of a vacation. At least you have finally said something I
can agree with.

Of course, with folks jumping on me for being too aggressive and
confrontational, you could have remained polite and retained the
moral high ground. Too late now.

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