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30 Apr 1994 06:48:43 GMT

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> I think you're in serious need of a vacation.

Thank you for your 2 cents. I'm sure the rest of us will remember the
helpful and discerning comments your "spare change" has brought to the

At first, I could not believe that people were arguing over the
Amphibious Ape business. Now, this group is apparently experiencing
cat-calls, about previous discussions, about that rediculous
Homonid-backstroke Theory.

Regardless of what you want to say, please..for the sake of those new
friends and colleagues of mine participating in this newsgroup...Calm
yourself. Take five deep breaths. And then post. Remember why
"sci.anthro.paleo" exists and maybe we can then get on with something
current and relevant issues.

The new 444-2 skull has some reportedly interesting cranial markings
that I would be very eager to hear more about. How 'bout that basal

Thanks, Aaron.

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