Re: Mistaken post

Sun, 1 May 94 04:34:51 GMT

In article <2psv0b$> (Aaron M. Rosenberg) writes:

>The new 444-2 skull has some reportedly interesting cranial markings
>that I would be very eager to hear more about. How 'bout that basal
>Thanks, Aaron.

Indeed, I would like to know more about AL 444-2 and its cranial markings.
Too bad so few people have had a good look at it. I suspect that Dr. Holloway
will get first crack at the endocast.

Tell me, how many species do you think there were at Hadar?

Something else. Isn't it interesting that we don't hear anything about
OH-62 in connection with AL-444-2.

Of course, I haven't seen the Nature article. I suspect I am going to
have to subscribe to Nature since I can't get a look at the latest issue
till its been on the shelf for a month.

Yes, how about those basal ganglia!

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