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28 Apr 1994 21:55:48 -0400

J. Moore <> wrote:
>People just don't want to do the work needed to make sense of human
>evolution (you need to do quite a lot of research not only with bones,
>but also with primatology and cultural anthro). It's hard to do this,
>and folks just don't want to. The AAT, being made up (literally!) of
>bits of bull____, is a whole lot easier to read and argue for.

I believe the word you're looking for is "figuratively". Don't you
just hate that people won't do the hard work and research needed to
understand grammar?

> As only
>one example, we see the recent posts in which Mr. Greene argued that the
>waters are so safe and comforting, away from predators, even though even
>a moments real thought would've made him think of crocidiles (still
>common killers of modern humans in both fresh and salt water) and of
>course sharks, which kill so well and so often even in very shallow
>coastal waters.

Yea, I only needed a moments *real* thought to make the HUGE mental
leap from learning that such a communittee exists today to realizing
that such a communittee might have existed before. Duhh!

> Only by ignoring the obvious can the AAT proponents do
>this sort of thing, but, believe me, many many people, even among
>academics, make an art of ignoring the obvious.

Look in the mirror buddy.

David Greene