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29 Apr 1994 16:41:12 GMT

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>J. Moore <> wrote:
>>People just don't want to do the work needed to make sense of human
>>evolution (you need to do quite a lot of research not only with bones,
>>but also with primatology and cultural anthro). It's hard to do this,
>>and folks just don't want to. The AAT, being made up (literally!) of
>>bits of bull____, is a whole lot easier to read and argue for.

>I believe the word you're looking for is "figuratively". Don't you
>just hate that people won't do the hard work and research needed to
>understand grammar?

Hi 5121 Student 09,

Go out and get a copy of Steven Pinker's book _The Language Instinct_.
Read it. Come back and tell us what 'grammar' has to do with the choice
between the lexical items 'literally' and 'figuratively'. Remember,
hard work and research pays off.