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28 Apr 1994 21:50:17 -0400

J. Moore <> wrote:
>Cm> NICHOLLS PHILIP A <> wrote:
>Cm> >> At what point did the nasal passages move from a vertical orientation
>Cm> >>to a horizontal one, and what advantage did this give early hominids
>Cm> in a
>Cm> >>Savanah enviroment?
>Cm> >Our nose looks the way it does because we have a flat face. Most other
>Cm> >primates have snouts and the direction of the nasal passage is due to
>Cm> >the fact that it sits on a snout that projects forward quit a bit.
>Cm> How is this an advantage?
>If you're serious about understanding evolution (of humans or anything
>else), wipe the whole idea of features NECESSARILY being advantageous
>from your mind.

[45 lines of rhetoric deleted]

Yea let's ignore those pesky details that don't fit nicely into
our preconcieved notions.

My 2 cents.
David Greene

Sorry I've been quiet for a couple days. My wife and I are
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