Re: Yanomamo of Venezuela == Info needed for school project

J. Moore (
Tue, 14 Mar 95 11:59:00 -0500

Am> Good morning,
Am> I am working on a paper about the Yanpmamo tribe of Venezuela. I
Am> do understand that Dr. Chagnon was the first to discover or more so
Am> interview these people. But I need more of the latest information on
Am> them.

Am> Thank you for your time and effort,
Am> Germaine & Tony

I know this is rather late in arriving, but if you want to present a
balanced (ie. real) view of the Yanomami, you do need to look at more
than Chagnon's work. His work is consistently presented as if it were
THE work on THE Yanomami, when it actually only concerns SOME Yanomami
groups. Other groups do not act and react as his study group did/does,
but this gets lost as Chagnon's sociobiological conclusions are trendy
and so get hyped. Do a literature search please, rather than just
accepting Chagnon's group as representative of all.

Jim Moore (

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