Re: info on how agriculture began in North America

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13 Mar 1995 07:04:38 -0500 (RasbryWine) wrote:

>I am looking for further reading on the origins of agriculture in
>prehistoric North America... any ideas?
>thanks :)

There are a number of different models on the development of agriculture,
including coevolutionary, neo-Lamarckian, post-Processual and feminist
theory. Here's a sampling:

Smith, Bruce
1987 "The Independent Domestication of Indigenous Seed-Bearing Plants in
Eastern North America", in _Emergent Horticultural Societies of the
Eastern Woodlands. W. Keegan, ed. Occasional Paper, No. 7. Center for
Archaeological Investigations, Carbondale.

Rindos, David
1984 _The Origins of Agriculture: An Evolutionary Perspective_ Academic
Press, Orlando.

Rosenberg, M.
1990 "The Mother of Invention: Evolutionary Theory, Territoriality, and
the Origins of Agriculture", American Anthropologist 92:399-415.

Watson, Patty Jo and Mary C. Kennedy
1991 "The Development of Horticulture in the Eastern Woodlands of North
America: Women's Role" in _Engendering Archaeology: Women and
Prehistory_, J. Gero and M. Conkey, eds. Blackwell, Oxford (UK) and
Cambridge (USA)


MB Williams