Re: North American discoveries of Mammouth remains

George M Jacobs (
2 Mar 1995 00:57:23 GMT

Mammoth remains have been found at several localities in southern Arizona,
notably in the San Pedro River in Cochise Co. Among these sites are at
least three with Clovis tradition associations, Naco, Lehner, and Murray
Springs, well dated at ca. 11,600 B.P. (radiocarbon dates). There are
horse remains from the earliest levels at Ventana Cave in southwestern
Arizona, radiocarbon dated slightly later, if I recall. Aside from these
sites with human-extinct fauna associations, there are other, Pleistocene
localities with mammoth remains in several places in Arizona. These are
certainly not the southernmost occurrences of mammoth in North America,
however. There are mammoth-human localities in Mexico, and surely mammoth
without human associations, as well.

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