tracing Polish Jewish origin through blood group markers

A. Hart (
Sun, 5 Mar 1995 19:09:55 GMT

Do any biological anthropologists or geneticists have any theory of the origin
of Polish Jewish ancestry? The blood groups appear to have genetic markers
that originated around 1542 from a common ancester group, but coming from what
part of the world? AB positive is a common blood type group. Polish and Iraqi
Jews of modern times have very similar genetic blood group markings. Did Jews
migrate into Poland from Iraq, or are they Armenian and southern Caucasus
Mountain people who turned Jewish under the Khazars in the 9th century in the
Caucasus? Is there any genetic origin theory backed up by scientific studies?
I'm interested in finding out prior to 1542 where Jews of Polish desent
migrated from, if any scientific studies exist, particulary by geneticists. As
a writer, I'd be interested to find out where modern Ashkenazi Jews originated
from, the eastern Mediterranean or the Caucasus. Any theories welcome. Thank
you for anything scientific you can provide by email. A. Hart, journalist at have a masters degree in Anthropology and English, but we
never covered this in grad school....which I attended back in the early
sixties. Thank you....have a good day.