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>>> Bryant:
>>> >I suspect that in the majority of cultures, female attractiveness
is an
>>> >important variable in men's extramarital & premarital sexual
>>> No doubt -- but do such women have more surviving children? Or
>>> do they just have more sex?
>>A woman who has sex and is then with child will be a woman who
>>elicits the protection of the man who has loved her. Probably
>>more often than not, he will become her mate, where otherwise
>>he might flit off to the next flower. It happens still today.
> It is worth noting that a young woman is at the marrying age as
>soon as memses can happen in many, prehaps most cultures. It is in the
>West, where education and special skills are more valuable than high
>reproductive rates, that the age for first sex and marrage is delayed.
> My belief is that the curvy body a girl gets when she becomes
>a woaman advertise her biological firtility, and she becomes
>to men. That is built into our unconscious.
> The comment about breast size is that the discussion has become
>a bit blown out of porportion, pun indended, for even the smallest
>have larger breasts than most mammals. As a matter of taste I have an
>open mind, but I perfer buxom women. I am also visually handicapped
>>Good point. I vote for the issue of body fat, and its necessity
>>where production of estrogen is concerned, as well as higher
>>survivability in the face of famine.
> I recently heard that in the fat-loss game that one of the
>best-kept secrets is that genetics is key to who loses weight and
>keeps it off. People are predisposed by genetics to evviciently store
>calories in fat. That is an adaptation to famine, or seasonal
>of food. People who bring that survival value into the over-fed
>lifestyle are going to have a very tough time staying thin.
> The French have a rich diet, yet have only one-third the heart
>disease and stroke of Americans. The key seems to be that they have a
>different culture about food, they savor food for taste not to fill
>they eat much smaller portions, and the red wine which is usually
>has some agents that fight colestrol buildup in the blood.
The French and their diet: probably more important than the manner in
which the French eat (to savor or not to savor) is the fact that they
eat much more in the way of fresh fruits and vegetables than Americans
do--also, your point about the wine having some beneficial constituents
may be correct also--but remember: they have MUCH more in the way of
liver disease than Americans (or Brits or Germans for that matter) do.
They also eat less "prepared" foods and thus do more fresh-food
cooking--but epidemiologists and nutritionists are still trying to
tease out what the protective factors in various diets are--the jury is
still out.
> By the way, I have no problem with women that many men regard as
>too heavy. I know that carrying 250 libs on a 5' 6" frame may not be
>healthy, but expecting 120 lbs at that height throughout life is
>stupid. I am approaching 50, and am not in the best condition myself.
>Why should I expect a woman to be in any better shape. So 150-200 libs
>is not to be criticized.
>Bruce Salem
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