Re: Canine teeth

J. Moore (
Wed, 7 Jun 95 10:34:00 -0500

Rl> For whatever it is worth, S.L. Washburn and I had an interesting debate
Rl> in the American Anthropologist back around 1967-68 on canine reduction
Rl> and hominid evolution, which I'm not sure Tanner covered. for those
Rl> scholastically inclined, this is an invitation to see where some of us
Rl> have been in the past.

Actually, that's one of her cites (on page 202 of OBH [Holloway 1967,
in American Anthropologist]). It was the cite for her second point
covering changing social and mating patterns, less intra-specific
fighting, more female choice with increased maternal investment and
increased cortical control of sexual behavior, etc.

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