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6 Jun 1995 04:12:40 GMT (HARRY R. ERWIN) writes:
>: mention the Laetoli footprints a couple of million years earlier? I'm

>I understand they don't fit the A. afarensis foot.

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I've never seen any indication that the Laetoli footprints don't fit
Afarensis, could you toss a reference for that out? From what I saw, the
footprints would fit the afarensis foot specimens, showing less extensive
pressure flow across the ball of the foot, a slightly lower than average
(for homo) arch to the foot, a slightly more divergent hallux, and a gap in
the ball of the foot between the hallux and the next toe. The shape looked
the same (unfortunately I didn't have the luxury of a very good example of
the footprints to examine personally, and had to rely on what others had
written in various articles). I would be more than a little surprised to
see good evidence that the footprints weren't made by the more gracile
afarensis types, but then, I'm surprised on a daily basis, so I guess that
isn't much of an indication.

Oh, and I realize that Mr. Erwin didn't write the first line that I copied,
I seem to have accidentally deleted the original attribution. Sorry about

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