Re: Breast Size

Phillip Bigelow (
1 Jun 1995 10:53:43 -0700 (Gil Hardwick) writes:
>If you want to keep your marriage secure long enough to
>successfully raise children, which is what Evolutionary Theory is
>said to propose I understand, wouldn't you as a man make love to the
>WHOLE woman?

I may be way off base on this, but I don't think Evolution Theory
effectively addresses the raising of children. What evolution theory *does*
address is the passing on of genes that offer better *survival* of the
*species*. Males of many mammalian taxa do not hang around for long after
impregnating the female. Evolution theory can help explain the natural
selection process up to the act of copulation. Beyond that point, the role
of evolutionary theory becomes unclear. Hominids and a few other species
are exceptions to the go-our-separate-ways rule...and even humans will
occasionally chuck monogamy from time to time. The divorce rate is around
50% last I heard.