Re: Neanderthal novel?

Jim Foley (
2 Jun 1995 14:59:13 GMT

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Immortal Tommy Forrest Brujah Vampire <> wrote:
>I read a book in the early 80's--a paperback--that was a novelized exploration
>of life among the Neanderthals, written by a Scandinavian anthropologist. Can
>anyone remember the name of the book and author?

Are there any other interesting pieces of fiction involving Neandertals
or other primitive hominids? I'm aware of "Clan of the Cave Bear", of
course, and I've occasional books that look like clones of it come out
since, but I'm after something a bit more original.

Here's one I've seen: "The Ugly Little Boy", by Isaac Asimov, a short
story about a Neandertal boy who is bought into the present in a "time
bubble" that he cannot leave.

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