Re: Homo heidelbergensis

Xiaoguang Zhang (
Sun, 5 Jun 1994 21:01:30 GMT

Ken Brown ( wrote:

: Back on topic for a while - I have a purely sentimental attraction to the
: idea that some of the oddities about us northern Europeans are due to
: interbreeding between H.s.s. & H.s.n

: Partial albinism, vestigal brow ridges (I can feel mine distinctly), second
: toes longer than first toes (well, mine are), relative dolicocephaly (at
: least amongst early populations, it seems to have diminished in the last
: millenium)... until someone proves the contrary with genetic evidence I shall
: persist in imagining that I have a few Neanderthal ancestors!

I wonder if this constitutes counter argument:
I'm a Chinese, and my second toes are longer than first toes.
Same for my wife (also a Chinese).

Does that mean that I too have a few Neanderthal ancestors?