Homo heidelbergensis

NICHOLLS PHILIP A (pn8886@thor.albany.edu)
26 May 1994 14:08:25 GMT

There is a trend in the paleonathropological literature to do away
with the "archaic Homo sapiens" pseudotaxon or "grade" and replace
it with multiple middle Pleistocene hominid species. Thus
Homo heidelbergensis is one of the new species being proposed, though
as pointed out it is really an older term first applied to the Mauer

I see some point to this. There is no other mammal that is dealt with
in the paleontological literature as "archic" vs "modern" froms. I
also don't think we need to include them in Homo sapiens, that our
reasons for doing so (this also applies to neandertals)is sociological
rather than scientific.

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