Re: Clarification on relationship between Morphology and genes

James Howard (
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 13:31:20 GMT

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>Hi guys,

>I am a chemist and therefore not an expert on these matters. I just
>read Boyce Rensberger's article "the case of one race" that appeared
>in the Toronto star on December 24, 1994. I will like to quote from
>this article:

>Boyce wrote:

>>In fact, geneticists estimate that the variations in the genetic >make-up of the human gene pool
accounting for differences between humans occupy approximately 0.01%
of our genes. 99.98% of the genes >of any human are identical to those
of any other human. So all the >physical differences among humans are
coded for by about 0.01% of our >genes.

>Is this contradictory from the 6% of our genetic constitution, that
>I have read elsewhere (Discover Magazine for instance), been
>attributable to "race"? or I am misinterpreting Boyce?

The differences in the races may be explainable by the amount of
testosterone. Whites have the least, orientals medium, and blacks the
most. (The other races will be somewhere among these.) My hypotheses
regarding human evolution suggest that the group with the greatest
amount of testosterone, should be the group that stayed in Africa.
Hence, blacks have the highest testosterone. So, the genomes need not
differ by much at all to produce different races. You may read my
short explanation of human evolution at on the web.
James Howard