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Thu, 11 Jul 1996 14:52:47 GMT

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James Borrett <> wrote:
>Richard Foy wrote:
> Karen <> wrote:
>> It is not as though the
>> >baby could cling to its' mothers' breasts leaving the mothers' hands
>> >free while travelling.
>> When I read this speculation it didn't seem to reasonable to me that
>> infants could hold on to a mothers breasts either.
>Maybe I was a bit unclear, but by saying the baby could hold onto the
>breast I didn't mean it could support its own weight, but that it could
>use its hands to direct the nipple into its mouth to make breast feeding

That makes more sense to me. But again I don't have any direct
experience, expect at too young an age to remember if it is a
reasonable guess as to the probability.

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