Clarification on relationship between Morphology and genes

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Wed, 10 Jul 1996 01:10:39 -0600

Hi guys,

I am a chemist and therefore not an expert on these matters. I just
read Boyce Rensberger's article "the case of one race" that appeared
in the Toronto star on December 24, 1994. I will like to quote from
this article:

Boyce wrote:

>In fact, geneticists estimate that the variations in the genetic >make-up of the human gene pool accounting for differences between
>humans occupy approximately 0.01% of our genes. 99.98% of the genes >of any human are identical to those of any other human. So all the >physical differences among humans are coded for by about 0.01% of our >genes.

Is this contradictory from the 6% of our genetic constitution, that
I have read elsewhere (Discover Magazine for instance), been
attributable to "race"? or I am misinterpreting Boyce?

Grateful for some clarification


Ricky Ferrell